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The editors of IDW are classic liberals, but we are appalled by the nonsense that is being promulgated as intellectual discourse on our university campuses particularly in the humanities, arts, and the social sciences. We are looking for papers that are research oriented (analytical) but accessible to a lay audience. This might include authors that wish to rewrite journal papers or those able to assimilate research material for a lay audience. We will consider any subject, but we are particularly interested in research undermining radical leftist dogma within universities – an alternative voice to what we see as indoctrination programs. Ultimately, we are interested in the quality of the education of our students. We definitively avoid undocumented opinion and ask that you only submit rational perspectives backed up by copious amounts of evidence.

Although not comprehensive, here are some areas of interest: evolutionary psychology, the genetics of intelligence, IQ, freedom of speech/cancel culture, atheism (secular humanism), diversity of opinion, meritocracy and capitalism (e.g., economic theory), skeptical inquiry, reverse discrimination against whites, males, and heterosexuals, medical treatments related to COVID19, and critiques of the BLM movement, white privilege, white fragility, the defund police movement, Marxism/socialism, intersectionality, identity politics, sex as a non binary, systemic institutional racism/microaggressions, patriarchy and the male hegemony (males as oppressors), social justice, the political nature of university departments such as African American, Hispanic, queer, fat, and feminist studies, Title IX, the “Western culture/colonialism is bad” doctrine, the gender pay gap and glass ceiling, rape is omnipresent on college campuses including the underlying belief that rape is a way males oppress females (e.g., buzzwords and phrases like tonic immobility, rape trauma syndrome, affirmative consent, and trauma-informed investigations), reparations, diversity studies and diversity programs (including affirmative action and quotas), silencing speech under the guise of hate speech, university investigations within or related to diversity programs, social constructionism of gender, race as a social construct, implicit association tests, efforts to undermine science and rational thought, RationalWiki (e.g., claiming something is pseudoscience when it is not), rape and racism hoaxes, modern monetary theory (MMT), critical theory, postmodernism, ANTIFA, queer theory, media bias, fake news, religious discrimination of Christians on college campuses, radical feminist ideology, radical trans ideology, knowledge as power (e.g., Foucault), illegal immigration, decolonizing America, sexual fluidity, National Science Foundation and the National Institutes of Health funding non-science related fields, toxic masculinity, the way the journals such as Science and Nature have cultivated various pseudoscience positions especially toward evolutionary psychology, etc.

Articles concerning political parties or stances are discouraged primarily because the editors (and we presume readers) represent various segments of the entire political spectrum. We do not wish to show favoritism toward one political party or movement. Analyses of political actions through rational perspectives and evidence are welcomed. We recommend, but do not insist, that you query us about a potential article before you write it.

When submitting a paper, it should be in a Word file with single spacing (please do not double space after periods), and 12 pt font (original images and graphs are encouraged). We generally use the Chicago Manual of Style, but other standards are acceptable as long as you are consistent. Please document articles with a copious use of links and references (we prefer books to be linked to Barnes and Noble). Please submit the names and email addresses of three potential reviewers in the field you are addressing. You should include the title and author(s) in the subject heading (if you wish to remain anonymous, please use a pen name followed by the word anonymous).

We hope to have turn-around times within 6 weeks if your paper is sent out for review. We should respond in a few days if we are not interested. Mark any papers that concern time sensitive information as “priority” in the first word of the subject heading. Unfortunately, we cannot offer any monetary compensation at this time because we depend only on donations to cover expenses.

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