We, the editors, are a group of fellow academicians interested in truth through scientific inquiry and rational thought. The purpose of IDW is to allow intellectuals the opportunity to publish serious research geared toward a lay audience without fear of retribution via their workplace or the cancel culture. We believe neither the First Amendment of the United States nor tenure fully protect us from censorship and the cancel culture. Therefore, we have created IDW as a place where scholars can publish potentially controversial work while keeping their anonymity if they choose. Currently, all the editors remain anonymous so they will not be influenced by outside forces. All published articles have gone through peer review. We have taken extreme precautions to keep the privacy of our authors, reviewers, and editors safe and secure (including 2FA). We have also decided to allow the readers to post comments below the articles, but because of the nature of the sensitive material being discussed we will only allow posts as long as they remain civil and of an intellectual nature.

The College Fix has recently written an article about our website which will give the reader more information about us.